Pricing and Packages

We generally recommend a series of private lessons.  Each lesson is at least 60 minutes in duration.

  • 5 lesson package:  $900
  • 8 lesson package:  $1440
  • 12 lesson package:  $2140
  • Live-in Training:  $395/day
  • Accelerated Immersion:  $3960
  • Initial Assessment:  $115
    (Applied toward purchase)


(1) Live-in Training is available only for dogs known to A Better Life Dog Training.  The purpose of Live-in Training is to give your dog an intensive tune-up or finally achieve a breakthrough with a particularly challenging behavior.

(2) Accelerated Immersion consists of 12 two-to-three hour lessons during which Fran picks up your dog and provides learning experiences in the community, tailored to your dog’s needs.  Time is spent during each lesson educating you in how to maintain the progress achieved during each lesson.  This package is designed for owners that wish to focus only on maintaining the desired behavior and prefer to have Fran do the initial work of establishing it.