What to Expect

The Initial Assessment
During the in-home assessment, we will spend at least an hour getting familiar with you, your dog, any problem issues, and your goals. With this information we will create a training plan customized for your needs and goals.  The $100 assessment fee will be applied towards any training purchased within 7 days.

Our Methods
We teach you how to create reliable behavior in your dog, and develop a relationship based upon mutual respect and trust. We do not train with bribery. We discourage undesirable behavior with mild, but effective corrections, and reward desired behavior in a way that is highly valuable to that dog.

What makes our training so effective
Each client receives one on one, customized training, designed to be effective for that dog and that owner.    There is no cookie-cutter approach.  Fran understands that each person learns differently.  She has a feel for what will work with each dog, and tailors the approach as needed to ensure rapid success for client and dog.

Why we don’t offer group training classes
We do not train in a group setting because we believe that most clients need personalized attention in order to succeed. We do provide twice monthly group practice sessions, free of charge for all dogs that we have trained.

Where does the training take place?
We work together with the client to determine the best location for each training session. That location could be, the home, the neighborhood, a hiking trail, the beach, downtown, etc.